The Perfect Prenatal Circuit Workout

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You’re uncomfortable, exhausted and wondering if you’ll ever fit into your skinny jeans again. Ladies, we’ve got your back (and butt)! Research continues to show that exercising while pregnant relieves aches and makes you more likely to return to your prepregnancy weight. Plus, babies of fit moms have a lower risk of being overweight than kids of sedentary moms. This workout addresses every aspect of your changing body—from your increasingly wobbly stance to that annoying lower back pain. Plus, doing the exercises as a circuit workout increases your heart rate, making this sculpting session a cardiovascular workout, too.

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I’m a big believer that exercise during pregnancy is beneficial and research continues to prove it. I’ve been exercising my whole pregnancy and I’m 35 weeks now. It has made me feel healthy and energized! Thanks Fit Pregnancy for sharing this great article!

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