How Does This Stylishly Social Mom Do It All and Still Look Fab?

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I love makeup (being in beauty PR for over 8 years will do that to you)! I mean my 3 year-old won’t leave the house until she applies lip gloss (wonder where she learned that from lol)! So I guess it is natural that I follow several beauty blogs. I was lucky enough to connect with Jennifer of the blog Stylishly Social. Jennifer blogs about all things fabulous, from new beauty products to fab family resorts, she does all the handwork so that you don’t have to. This mama of two, Glambassador and beauty product junkie was kind enough to share her story on how she got started, how she balances family and work, and of course her fav beauty products!

Fit Fab Mommy (FFM): How/Why did you start
Stylishly Social (SS): I started blogging years ago just to learn about it and have an outlet to talk about things that were on my mind. I hardly ever posted though, back then I was a busy new mom working full-time in pharmaceutical sales. Once I left my job due to a back injury, I decided to really try to take blogging seriously and see if I might be able to make some money at it. I migrated my blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress just over a year ago, which brought with it TON of new information to learn. I later wrote a how-to on that topic (Self-hosted WordPress Starter Guide)!
I started joining blogger programs and signing up on websites that partner bloggers with brands and eventually the offers started rolling in. It was mostly freebies at first, but now I’m getting paid for nearly all of my posts and it’s been great, but busy! I recently wrote a post about some of the sites I’ve had success with (Make Money Blogging). I love skincare and beauty so that’s where I really started with it all, that was my big focus. What woman doesn’t love getting free beauty products all the time?! I’ve now expanded quite a bit and write on a lot of health and food topics, about local events, great brands for parents, all sorts of things that are relevant in the life of a stylish mama.

FFM: How do you find a happy work/life balance?
SS: Leaving my full-time job has been a blessing in disguise. I didn’t have that balance before. I was gone all day, my son was in daycare from 7am-6pm and I often had work to do at night too. Now, working from home blogging and in social media, I can go to every single school event for my son, help him with homework, and I also get to stay home with my 2-year old daughter almost every single day! I feel like I work harder now than I ever have, but at least I’m at home and my kids are right here with me. I can hug them whenever I want, take breaks to toss a ball around whenever I want, I love it. It’s taken some sacrifice, I’m not making quite as much money as I did before, but it’s well worth it!

Jennifer from the blog Stylishly Socials with her husband, son & daughter
Jennifer from the blog Stylishly Social with her husband, son & daughter

FFM: Favorite part about being a mom?
SS: The love! My kids are so sweet and affectionate and nothing melts my heart more than the love I get from those two precious children!

FFM: 3 beauty products you never leave the house without putting on…
1. sunscreen – I love Michael Todd True Organics products including their Mineral Sunscreen
2. lip gloss or balm – My faves are MAC Lip Glass and Fresh Sugar Lip Balms
3. mascara – Right now I’m loving Lancome Hypnose Star

FFM: Words of wisdom for mamas-2-be…
SS: Sleep now while you can!! You’ll miss that luxury more than anything very soon! And when you have a young baby, sleep when they do. You hear that all the time, but I never listened and I should have. Sleep is so important for your sanity, your skin, your overall health!

I also asked Jennifer how she is a Fit Fab Mama and she shared some of her favs below:

workout/physical activity? Yoga or the YMCA gym

food? I try to eat healthy but I love to indulge in some good pizza every now and then

Splurge? Spa days!!

activity to do with your kids? We love the San Diego Zoo!

Make sure to check out Jennifer’s blog at You can also follow her on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and PINTEREST for all things fabulous!

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