Style Tips From Fit Fab Mommy Christina S. Brown of Baby Brown Sugar

Christine S. Brown of and her adorable daughter Cadence
Christine S. Brown of and her adorable daughter Cadence

I had the chance to chat with Christina S. Brown, style blogger, social media specialist and all-around digital media maven. This Native New Yorker and founder of, which focuses on fashion and beauty for multicultural women with an emphasis on self-empowerment, can also add first-time mom to her resume. Lucky for us Christine started the blog (BBS), which is all about her journey as a new mom. It’s informative, inspirational, and witty and her daughter is the cutest, best dressed little lady around, I guess that’s what happens when your mom is a fashionista! Christine shares her secrets of how she always looks so fab, key items every mama should own and how she keeps a work/life balance.

FFM: Why did you start your blog?
BBS: I’m a blogger and social media consultant. I’ve been blogging for over 5 years and I’m also a new mom! I started my blog because I didn’t see many voices like mine represented online at the time and I wanted a space to empower women through fashion and beauty. came about as a response to my pregnancy and wanted a space to document the trials of new mommyhood as long as document my baby’s growth and updates.

FFM: What is your favorite part about being a mom?
BBS: The hugs and kisses! I love picking her up from the sitter and seeing that bright smile on her face. I adore kissing her goodnight. There is nothing like receiving love and affection from your offspring! It is so amazing.

FFM: How do you find work/life balance?
BBS: I have help! I have a village of people around me that help with taking care of my daughter including her father, her grandparents and my close friends. On the nights or weekends when I’m alone, I make use of it! I take some “me” time, get a little extra work done or just relax. As for my business, I have help there too. I have blog contributors that help me keep things afloat when I need to spend extra time with my family.

FFM: Where do you get your style inspiration from?
BBS: I get inspiration from so many places! Everywhere from social media to my favorite magazines and even vintage photos. Inspiration is everywhere.

FFM: You always dress so fab. How do you keep it all together with work/being a mommy. Can you give some new moms some tips on how to still look fab even when you feel like staying in your pi’s!!!
BBS: I try to keep things cute but still comfortable. If I do heels, they are always platforms or wedges (height but still comfort!) I invest in great statement accessories like handbags, necklaces and shoes so that even if I have on a plain pair of leggings and a sweater, I can upgrade my whole look immediately by accessorizing. Wear clothes that fit, develop a simple beauty regimen, have a go-to hairstyle and do things that make you feel beautiful on the inside too! When you feel beautiful, naturally your outward appearance will reflect that.

Christine S. Brown of says that a great pair of heels is a must-have in every mama's wardrobe.
Christine S. Brown of says that a great pair of heels is a must-have in every mama’s wardrobe.

FFM: What are 3 key pieces every mom must have in their wardrobe?
BBS: A structured blazer – you can take it from day to night and it instantly makes you look polished. A little black dress – ultra-flattering on everyone. A great pair of heels – staples like pumps are perfect for wearing in any season. Get them in a nice contrasting color or pattern so they make a statement.

FFM: Cadence always has the most adorable clothes! What are some of your favorite baby brands?
BBS: Thank you! I spend all my money at GAP, Old Navy and Carter’s. Those clothes last a lifetime and they’re so classic. They also don’t shrink, which is great considering how quickly she’s growing.

FFM: What do you find most challenging about being a mom?
BBS: I want to be around for EVERYTHING. For every moment in time with her. But I just can’t. I’m learning to let go a little. Also, how quickly they grow! She already wants to wiggle out of my arms and venture out on her own. And I just want to cry in a corner like “why did you grow so fast?” It happens so quick!

FFM: What are some of your favorite activities to do with Cadence?
BBS: She loves this place called Kidville. It’s an interactive play center for kids. We go there for Open Gym and also for the scheduled classes. She has so much fun there and it’s a great place for her to meet and interact with other babies.

FFM: Words of wisdom for all the mamas-to-be.
BBS: Do your best and let God handle the rest. Some things will just inevitably be out of your control. You have to be comfortable with that and just go with the flow!

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