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Christel of Styled by Chris
Christel of Styled by Chris

This mama-to-be has some serious style. Lucky for us, she shares all of it on her blog Styled By Chris. Almost ready to pop, Christel was kind enough to answer some bump style questions so that you can look and feel your best as you wait patiently for the little one to arrive. Christel shares what every mama-to-be must have in her closet, what she misses wearing the most pre-pregnancy and what you should NEVER wear while pregnant!

Fit Fab Mommy (FFM):  Give us a little information on you and your blog:

Styled By Chris (SBC):  I am Christel, 31 years old and from the Netherlands. I live in Rotterdam together with my boyfriend and I am pregnant with our first baby. A year ago I started my blog Addicted to Fashion. I was reading a lot of fashion blogs when I decided to start my own. I wanted to share all my inspiration and ideas about fashion with others. When I became pregnant I decided that I want to make my blog more personal, like a diary. This is why in September of this year I’ve changed my website and name it Styled By Chris. This is my personal style blog where you can find all about fashion; the latest trends, my (maternity) outfit inspiration, style advice and much more.

FFM: How has your style changed since becoming pregnant?
SBC: Since I’m pregnant my style didn’t change at all. I wear the same items but (of course) in another size or fit. There is a lot which you can wear when you are pregnant besides only maternity clothing!

FFM: Do you tend to flaunt your bump with tight fitting clothes or hide it under flow-y fabric?
SBC: I like to let people see that I’m pregnant because I’m proud of my bump 🙂 I don’t hide it because I think being pregnant is one of the most special and wonderful things in life!

FFM: What is the one fashion item, since becoming pregnant, that you can’t live without?
SBC: It definitely is my leatherlook legging! This one is so comfortable!

Christel can't live without her leather leggings!  This pair is from ASOS Maternity
Christel can’t live without her leather leggings! This pair is from ASOS Maternity

FFM: What do you miss wearing most since becoming pregnant?
SBC: The item I miss the most is my ripped boyfriend jeans. It is so hard to find a ripped boyfriend jeans when your bump is growing. And I don’t like the maternity jeans at all.

FFM: What are your favorite maternity brands?
-Pants: no maternity brand. Just check the flexibility of the pants and if it has a very low waist. You can wear almost every pants with a low waist and which is flexible (does have a lot of stretch material).
-Jeans: same as above. I don’t have a maternity jeans. But if you’re looking for a maternity jeans check out Queen Mum. They have nice ones.
-Tops: Vila has long tops which you can wear when you’re pregnant. When you like to have maternity tops I would recommend Asos Maternity.
-Workout gear: Nike. They don’t have a maternity line but Nike will fit when you’re pregnant. Just buy 1 or 2 sizes bigger than you normally wear.
-Undergarments: I’m still wearing my old bra’s and underwear. But check Asos they have really nice maternity clothing.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 2.48.25 PM

Christel recommends Nike for working out and Queen Mum Maternity jeans.
Christel recommends Nike for working out and Queen Mum Maternity jeans.

FFM: What are some key items every mama-to-be should have in her closet?
SBC: A nice pair of sneakers (you don’t want to walk on heels when you’re pregnant), leather(look) legging/pants, long cardigan/knit, basic long tops (tight fit), and don’t forget a leather biker jacket!

FFM: What is one thing a pregnant mama should NEVER wear?
SBC: You should never wear tops which are too short! That is really a no-go! Also pants which are too big won’t flatter your body.

FFM: Any tips on dressing that bump for holiday parties?
SBC: For the holidays I recommend a nice (maternity) dress or long tunic with leather pants. Wear heels for a special night out (only if you can sit almost the whole day/evening 🙂 or just wear your dress with flat boots or sneakers (really fashionable also with christmas :))

FFM: Do you have your outfit picked out yet that you will wear home from the hospital?
SBC: Yes of course! When I am going home from the hospital I would wear a grey jogging pants with a black longsleeve shirt and colored sneakers. Hair in a bun and ready to go!

Be sure to follow Christel on her fashion journey to motherhood on her blog Styled By Chris, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and PINTEREST.

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