Recipe – Cheesey Peasy Chicken Pies

cheesey peasy

Sick of having leftovers? Try something different. My husband got creative and used the baked chicken and peas we had the night before for dinner and some whole wheat pasta from the previous night and invented Cheesey Peasy Chicken Pies. My daughter kept saying the name over and over again and she had so much fun helping combine all of the ingredients. This is something you can do with any of your left overs (chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, grains), it doesn’t just have to be what we used. Combine leftovers with some things you already have in your cupboards and viola, dinner is served!

– pre-cooked chicken (can be any type of protein/meat)
– cooked peas (any vegetable)
– whole wheat spaghetti cut up (any whole grain)
– slivered almonds (healthy and added crunch!)
– pre-shredded low-fat cheddar cheese
– 1 or 2 eggs

cheesey peasy mixture

1. Combine above ingredients in a bowl and mix (your kids will love helping).
2. Use a fun shape cookie cutter (we used a heart) so that it is fun for the kids.
3. Pour ingredients into the shape on a frying pan (we have an amazing non-stick pan so we didn’t need to use spray or olive oil).
4. Cook on both sides and you are done!

cheesey peasy pan

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