Preschoolers and the Public Tantrum: 4 Survival Strategies


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“We’ve all been there: You are halfway through your grocery list when your preschooler has an epic meltdown because he can’t have a cookie he saw and now must have.

While you may know exactly how you would respond to this episode at home, what do you do in the middle of aisle seven to get your child, yourself, and your fellow shoppers back on track?

I asked Dr. Deborah Gilboa, author of Get the Behavior You Want… Without Being the Parent You Hate, for some tips.”

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I know I can relate to this. These are some good strategies to use. Sometimes in the moment that it is happening it is hard to think straight. So take a deep breath and try to use some of these ideas next time your little one is having a meltdown. Who knows, it might work, now wouldn’t that be wonderful!

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