New Year’s Resolution – Start Working Out

Sherri of SPF (center) teaching a class - photo provided by SPF
Sherri of SPF (center) teaching a class – photo provided by SPF

Almost everyone makes a New Year’s resolution and most times it has something to do with health and fitness. Whether it is starting to exercise, eating healthier or reaching a certain fitness goal, the new year (after we have indulged a little too much during the holidays) is the time to start; it’s a new year with new beginnings.

If you are a new mom, you probably made some sort of fitness resolution just like the rest of the world. Being a new mama has many challenges and finding time to exercise is at the top of the list. When I had my first daughter and was cleared to exercise I wanted to dive right back in, but it wasn’t that easy. While most gyms or studios offered childcare, the child had to be at least 3, if not six months to be able to be dropped off. I didn’t want to wait to start my exercise routine until 3 or 6 months, I wanted to start at 6 weeks when I was cleared by my doctor. My husband and I had to juggle our exercise routines or I had to do DVD’s in my living room while my baby was napping (somehow I wasn’t ever able to complete my workout because my baby must have known I was working out and would cry at that exact time). It wasn’t very easy and I really wanted a place I could go to exercise with other moms who were in the same situation as me.

Well, my good friend Sherri Satz felt the very same way and she decided to do something about it. I met Sherri at the Hoboken Hospital new moms group and we became instant friends. We both had a passion for fitness and nutrition and we both had newborns so we hit it off right away. One day Sherri taught a class in the park for all of our new mom friends and our babies and it was a huge hit. We were able to workout with other moms who had babies under 6 months old, we were able to bring our babies and we were surrounded by people who were all in the same situation. It was great! I felt so comfortable. Soon after Sherri, who comes from a fitness background, started Stroller Power Fitness (SPF), a group class that includes a blend of cardio and strength training where you can bring your baby and stroller with you and incorporate them into your workout routine for a full body workout. I attended Sherri’s class (when my daughter would actually sit in her stroller) and it was no joke. I got a great workout, met a lot of other moms and had fun doing it. I had a chance to chat with Sherri so that I could learn more about SPF and share it with you.

Fit Fab Mommy (FFM): Why did you start SPF?
Stroller Power Fitness (SPF): I started SPF because I’ve always had a passion for fitness. I started out teaching at many different gyms in the city. When I made the move across the Hudson, got married and became a mom so much in my life changed. As I saw all the moms strolling around Hoboken a bell went off and I put my focus on new mommies and fitness. I wanted to be that person to help new moms not be scared to workout and get them back in their pre-prego weight!

FFM: What are your certifications/experience?
SPF: I have several certifications. AFAA Group Fitness, Johnny G Spinning, TRX, CPR for adult and child. I’ve taken several workshops for Pre/Post natal as well as baby yoga.

FFM: Why types of moves do you do in your class? What does it target? Is it cardio, strength, etc?
SPF: SPF is comprised of a variety of many exercises. The class is meant for all levels, no one should feel intimidated or scared to take SPF. All exercises are modified for the 1st timer and the veteran. Each and every class is different. SPF targets all body parts. We work with our own body weight, use resistance bands, stroller work and take advantage of all the props at the parks, benches, steps, railings etc.

FFM: Who is the class best for and why? Is it okay for new moms?
SPF: SPF is an amazing way to get back into shape for the new mom although its never to late to start. What’s great about SPF is that you can start to work out with us as soon as you get your 6 week approval (8 week C-section) from your Dr. Most gyms DO NOT allow you to bring your baby into the daycare until they are 6months! SPF allows you to get started right away without the hassle or cost of a babysitter.

Mamas in action at an SPF class at Pier A in Hoboken, NJ - photo provided by SPF
Mamas in action at an SPF class at Shipyard Pier in Hoboken, NJ – photo provided by SPF

FFM: Why do you think it is beneficial for new moms to exercise?
SPF: Oh gosh the benefits for new moms to exercise is limitless. I know how hard it is to shower, get dressed and get your day started with a newborn. The benefit of SPF for new moms is the opposite, no need to get primped and ready. Just throw on your workout clothes, something that makes your feel comfortable. Grab your baby, water and out the door you go. Half the year classes are held outdoors. Fresh air is the best medicine for moms and babies, plus you are meeting lots of other new moms with the same thing in common.

FFM: Most new mamas want to get rid of their belly. What are some good exercises that target that area?
SPF: The most common question “How do I get rid of my belly”? Answer..TIME! You just pushed an amazing little person out of you. Give yourself time. There is so much going on inside that needs to heal. Please avoid any kind of crunches. You can do more damage than good. Start out with planks, cat/cows and any kind of stabilization exercise. Try your best to work on your cardio and get your heart pumping again. Brisk walking to light jogging, Lunges, squats, step ups, dips, pushups. Don’t forget your Kegels they really do help! There are an endless amount of exercises that can be done to get you back to your pre-prego weight. It all takes time and some effort and before your know it you will start fitting into your old clothes again.

Sherri took off teaching classes during the month of December, but will be back in action soon at an indoor location (TBD). Visit her website SPF or email Sherri at for more information. If you don’t live in the area, check your local area to see if they have a class like this or get a group of your mom friends together and workout together, it’s great motivation! Happy New Year! Here’s to reaching our fitness goals for 2014!

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