My Must Have Maternity List

My Favorite Pregnancy Items

When I was pregnant there were certain items that I loved, from clothing to skin care, and I wore or used them every day. The Ingrid and Isabel Maternity Tank was something I wore everyday. I had it in three colors, white, black and taupe. I would throw it on under t-shirts or sweaters and it just sort of “held everything in” and I never had a “belly slip” where my belly was hanging out of my clothes, which is key.

The Splendid Maternity Leggings were very versatile. I could dress them up with cute boots and a sweater or I could go very casual with a t-shirt and hoodie. The fabric is amazing and they don’t pill or pull like some other brands. I wore them out to dinner, to exercise classes and when I was hanging around in the house. If you plan on splurging on one item this is it.

J Brand Maternity Jeans are my favorite article of clothing. I loved that they didn’t go over the belly (I hate when maternity bands on jeans cut into your belly) and that they have bands on the sides that stretched with my growing bump. I could wear them my whole pregnancy as well as post partum until I fit into my regular jeans again. They are slim and stylish and you would never know they were maternity. Again, a little pricey, but so worth it. They made me feel like I was still stylish, no frump about them.

The Old Navy Maternity Scoop Neck Tee is also great to have. I had it in several colors and could wear it alone or under a cardigan. The ruched sides grew with my bump and although it was fitted and showed off my curves I never felt like it looked inappropriate or tight. Can be dressed up with a pair of jeans, heals and bold necklace or casual with jeans and sneakers. The cut is flattering on all body types.

Gap Maternity Racerback Tank was great for working out. It had ruched sides and was very long so my belly was never exposed and felt supported during my workouts. I had it in a few different colors and wore it from 25 weeks on.

The Tiffany Horseshoe Charm was something that my husband got for me to have good luck throughout my pregnancy. I wore it every day and had it on during my labor and delivery. It was my lucky charm. I plan on giving it to my daughter when she is older. He bought me a similar one for my first daughter. I love that it is a keepsake and someday I can tell my girls the story behind it.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is the best product out there. I slathered it on my belly day and night throughout my pregnancy and never got any stretch marks. It is so inexpensive and probably the best product on the market to prevent stretch marks. You can buy it at your local drug store. I think I went through 6 containers during my entire pregnancy. The best-kept little secret out there.

My skin changed during my pregnancy and became really dry. Remede Alchemy Advanced Moisture Emulsion feels wonderful on your skin and takes away any dryness. It’s a little on the expensive side, but even if you only use it once per day so that you can stretch it out it will do wonders for your skin.

These were some of my favorite items. I would love if you could share your favorite items during pregnancy with others and me!

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