Must Have’s for Feeding Your Baby



Now that my baby girl is 7 months old and has been eating solids for almost 2 months I feel like we are in a groove.  We have tried and tested out A LOT of items and have narrowed down our favorite products that make my baby girl and me happy, which makes the whole eating process an enjoyable experience.  While I haven’t discovered any products that clean themselves (now wouldn’t that be wonderful!), all of the products I love at least make cleanup easy.  Below are the items we can’t live without.  They are extremely functional and of course super cute!



1.  Highchair – We LOVE our Boon high chair.  The one-piece seat has no cracks, crevices, and a diswasher safe removable tray that makes cleanup super easy.  With adjustable height and wheels that can be locked, this high chair allows for your baby to eat with you anywhere.  We adjust it so she can be a part of the family at dinner and when she is done we can roll it away (after taking the baby out, obviously!).  We love it and she loves hanging out in it!




2.  Bibs – I’ve tried every kind of bib.  From plastic to rubber to cloth, believe me I’ve tested them all.  Bibs for eating are not the same bibs you will use for daily wear.  The only bibs I will use for eating are bumkins.  They are made from an easy wipe waterproof fabric, stain and odor resistant, have an adjustable velcro close, catch pocket, and come in the cutest designs.  When my baby is done eating her bib is covered.  I can handwash or machine wash this bib and it is dry in no time and ready for her next meal.



SAMSUNG CSC3.  Spoons -I’m loving the Vital baby soft tip ‘n’ grip feeding spoons.  Made from BPA free, latex free and PVC free materials, these large soft scoop spoon tips make it easy for baby to eat.  They also teach your baby to self-feed.  My girl loves chewing on the soft tip and holding the spoon herself.  I recieved these in a gift bag and I’m so glad I did.  They have easily become our favorite.




oogaa4.  Bowls – Oogaa Silicone Bowls are the perfect bowls for your little eater.  Made from high-grade silicone, these bowls are BPA and PVC free, diswasher, microvasve, oven, freezer and electric sterilizer safe.  I’m constantly trying to find ways to heat up the frozen cubes of food for my baby girl (besides the microwave or a cup of hot water) and you can litterally stick the cube in this bowl, put the bowl on top of a pot filled with water that is on your stove burner and it heats it up to the perfect temp.  And if my baby drops (or throws) the bowl, it won’t chip, break or make a loud noise.  Plus they are ADORABLE.  My big girl loves them too! I found this brand on instagram and fell in love with the cute colors and designs.  I was happy that they are as functinal as they are cute!


Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 7.53.56 PM


5.  Placemats –  Oogaa Silicone Placemats are perfect for travel!  Can you tell that oogaa is my new favorite brand!  These pliable silicone placemats stay put on the tabletop and are good and grippy so what’s on top won’t slip and slide.  It also doubles as a doodle pad, just use washable markers and it’s perfect to pass the time between courses.



Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.49.34 PM

6.  High Chair Cover – Itzy Ritzy Ritzy Sitzy shopping cart & high chair cover is perfect for taking to restaurants.  If you are a bit of a germaphobe this is the product for you.  Fits restaurant high chairs perfectly so you can just slip it on and put your baby in.  Padded for comfort, slots to accomodate safety belts,  two toy loops and machine washable; fold up and throw in your bag to take with you everywhere.


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