Mother’s Day Gifts Fit For Every Mama

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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. I always find it difficult to pick out a gift for my mom. Since becoming a mom myself I appreciate my mom so much more. I now know exactly what she went through and no gift can really express my appreciation of how helpful she has been to me now that I am a mom. When picking out a gift for my mom I think about what might put a smile on her face or shows her that I really am listening (even though most of the time she thinks I’m not!). There is something out there for every type of mom. I came up with a list of some great gift ideas to suit the mom in your life that are both inexpensive and thoughtful.

The Beauty Fanatic

Alexis Wolfer
Alexis Wolfer

The Recipe for Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best-Kept Secrets in Your Kitchen by Alexis Wolfer is the perfect gift for all the beautiful mamas out there. The Recipe for Radiance boasts 131 all-natural DIY beauty and food recipes—with 60+ from industry experts, celebs and chefs—offering women an affordable and easy way to beautify from the inside out. Using ingredients already in your kitchen, The Recipe for Radiance addresses every major beauty concern with internal (EAT IT) and topical (APPLY IT) food-based solutions. Need a cure for stretch marks? Ginger + Turmeric Massage Oil (Apply) & Avocado, Watercress, + Cumin Salad (Eat). That’s just a sneak peak of the amazing recipe’s you will find in Wolfer’s book. The Recipe for Radiance is available at AMAZON for only $23. Bonus: Have a girl’s night with your mom and make some of the recipes with her.

The Health Nut
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The Paleo Smoothies: 150 Smoothie Recipes for Ultimate Health is the perfect gift for the healthy mama. It shows you how to blend 150 Paleo smoothies right in your own home for a quick burst of energy and nutrition that comes from the easy-to-make pre-/post-workout drink. Each section offers a delicious blend of all-natural fruits and vegetables that are 100% free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar! From Vanilla Coconut Cream Smoothie to Kale Power Smoothie your mama’s taste buds will thank you! Pre-order a copy for her at AMAZON. Visit the author Mariel Lewis’s blog to learn more and download free recipes from her book! Bonus: Make your mom a smoothie when she wakes up on Mother’s Day.

The Fashionista

I love me some STITCH FIX and I’m sure your mom will too. Whether she doesn’t have time to go shopping or she is a little style challenged (even though she thinks she’s a fashionista) this is the perfect gift. STITCH FIX is an online women’s personal styling service in which a personal stylist handpicks a “Fix” of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. It’s genius! Give your mom a GIFT CARD or fill out the information and pick a STITCH FIX for her. This pretty little package will arrive at her door and she can keep what she likes and return what she doesn’t. Bonus: Have a fashion show with your mom when her package arrives.

The Relaxer
If your mama loves relaxation then give her the ultimate gift. Olavie just launched a new collection of home fragrance products, bringing a vineyard of relaxation to you wherever you are! The diffusers smell amazing and are beautifully packaged. Each scent is inspired by a different wine bouquet of vineyard setting, giving your mom a virtual vacation to the wine country anytime she needs a mini-escape. At only $45 each, these diffusers will relax any stressed out mama and take her to her happy place! Bonus: Grab a bottle of wine and enjoy a night in with your mama.

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