It’s Official

double stroller

I’m officially a mom of two (even though the little one hasn’t arrived yet). Do you know why? Because I am the proud new owner of a double stroller. My husband put it together last night and that’s when reality hit that I will be a mom of two in less than 5 weeks! So how am I feeling? Excitement, stress, unpreparedness, anxiety all at the same time. I don’t know what made the double stroller make me come to the realization that I will soon have two children, but it did. Maybe it has been the weeks leading up to that moment where I have been getting things ready, but that moment really made it all set in. People have been asking me if I’m ready, no, I’m not ready, I mean are we ever really ready? I feel like I still have so much to do physically and mentally to prepare myself, but there is never enough time. I think if I had too much time to prepare I would drive myself crazy (at least that’s what I tell myself) so it is probably better that we don’t have enough time. I mean we have 10 months to figure it out, but it takes that moment (mine being the double stroller) to realize that this baby is coming out soon and by then it is usually too late. I see my friends that have two children and I don’t know how they do it! I too will join the double stroller crew walking down the street and it will never seem like I was ever a mom to just one child. While that thought scares me to death, I can’t wait to meet our new addition and welcome her into our family. The addition of this baby will make life a whole lot more complicated (nighttime feedings, no sleep, trying to get everyone out of the house – my anxiety levels are rising just writing this), it will also make our family seem a whole lot more complete. Through all of the craziness that is about to unleash I couldn’t be happier that this baby is about to enter the world and we are the lucky parents that she chose to bless!

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