I Made It!

Officially 37 weeks! It’s the date most pregnant ladies can’t wait to reach. It is a relief because it is considered full term and it makes us feel like we are in the clear, well at least for me it does. So this baby can come anytime and everything should be ok as far as development. I may not be ready (still so much to do to prepare!), but I’m happy to be at this point in my pregnancy. For my first I was so anxious and wanted her to come as soon as possible, and she did, she made her appearance 10 days early. This time, while I am anxious and can’t wait to meet her, I am ok if I go a little closer to my actual due date as this time I know what to expect (sort of) and want to get to spend my final weeks relaxing (if you can call it that with a 2 1/2 year old), getting everything organized and spending some quality time with my baby girl and hubby (just the three of us) before the sleepless nights, endless feedings and diaper changes and all around chaos begins.

I had a sonogram this past weekend and of course baby girl wouldn’t show her face, but she appears to be in position and is currently around 6 lbs., 5 ounces. Now the waiting begins. My water broke with my first, however that usually only happens in about 10-15% of women. I know, shocking right. I mean anytime someone is pregnant in a movie, when it is time for baby to come, there is always a dramatic water breaking scene, so one would just assume, but in actuality it doesn’t usually happen that way. So the chances of it happening again for me are pretty slim. I also didn’t get contractions on my own, they had to give me Pitocin to start contractions so I’m not sure what to expect as far as that goes. The water breaking was great because then I knew that I had to go to the hospital and that the baby would be arriving soon. Whatever happens, I am just so happy I made it to this point. I can’t wait to meet this little girl and while I know it’s going to be a crazy ride I wouldn’t have it any other way. The love and joy a baby brings is worth all the craziness in the world! As my mom always said, “You just won’t know until you have one of your own.” There is so much truth to that. On that note, I wanted to include a video that I saw on Facebook that truly sums up motherhood perfectly.

Check out this amazing video on youtube.

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