Favorite At Home Workout


As moms we don’t always have time to go to the gym or take an exercise class. However, that doesn’t mean that you just shouldn’t exercise. Exercise is important and should be a top priority on your to do list (and I’m sure that list is pretty long). Exercise not only has increased health benefits, it also helps us feel good about ourselves, gives us energy and keeps us sane!

When my schedule is tight I workout in my home. I have some light weights and bands that I can use at home. Since I love going to classes (it takes the thinking out of what I have to do), I use workout DVD’s at home, because it simulates being in an exercise class. I have tried a lot of DVD’s. Right now I’m loving Jillian Michaels Body Revolution DVD’s. All of the workouts are only 30 minutes. The program features Jillian’s trademark Metabolic Training workouts, which are quick, focused resistance circuits and cardio blasts to obliterate fat and shred muscle. The workouts are split into three progressive Phases, each lasting one month. You’ll get 4 Metabolic Training Circuit DVD’s, plus one Cardio DVD for each of the three months. Each routine features a low-impact modifier so you can follow Jillian at whatever level is most comfortable for you. It is so quick and you feel like you got an amazing workout when you are finished (it’s all about what you put into it!). Jillian motivates you to workout hard and all of the people in her videos have amazing bodies, which makes you work harder! I have completed the whole 90 days and now I just used it to supplement on days when I can’t get to the gym or a class. I either get up before the girls wake up or I do it when they nap or after they go to bed. Making it a priority and committing is the first step. Whether you are a veteran exerciser or just getting back into the game, this DVD is a great option. No excuses!

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