En Pointe and Pregnant: Mary Helen Bowers on the Benefits of Ballet for Moms to Be

Pregnant ballet dancer

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Bowers is so devoted to ballet and its benefits, she’s been dancing (en pointe) all the way through her pregnancy.
Here, Bowers tells ELLE.com about what creating Ballet Beautiful has meant to her and how dancing her way through pregnancy has made the experience that much more special.

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I believe that working out during pregnancy is very important and extremely beneficial to both mother and baby. I worked out during my whole first pregnancy and I had a wonderful pregnancy and delivery. I continue to workout during pregnancy number two and I am 31 one weeks already. My go to workout is barre, which is a form of ballet, incorporating the ballet barre while exercise for strength, length, and flexibility. While some modifications need to be done, it is healthy to continue to workout and it is very empowering.

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