Bond Girl Glam – 5 Maternity Must-haves from Irina Bond, The Modern Day Bond Girl

Irina Bond of Bond Girl Glam
Irina Bond of Bond Girl Glam

I had the chance to chat with the amazing Irina Bond of Bond Girl Glam about her maternity must-haves and how she stays so stylish and put together during her pregnancy. Born in the Ukraine, Irina immigrated to the US when she was a little girl. In 2010, she married her Mr. Bond and shortly after started the blog Bond Girl Glam (I mean with Bond as a last name she was destined to be a fashionista!) as a place to express her interests in personal style, beauty, and home décor with other women. Her blog helps women stay beautiful, sexy and confident in all stages of life. Due in mid December, this mama-to-be shares some of her favorite items that keep her looking fabulous (and staying comfortable) during her 9 months of bliss.

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1. Maternity Jeans
I definitely believe in investing in at least one pair of maternity jeans that make you feel good and you know you can fall back on anytime for a casual outfit. My favorites are the kind with the small side panel from Paige Denim for the discreetness as well as the full panel maternity jeans from 7 For All Mankind for the extra “hug” around the belly.

2. Maternity Leggings
Maternity leggings I’ve come across usually have a full panel, which like the full panel jeans, make for a very comfortable fit, since there’s nothing cutting into the bottom of your bump. Leggings are more comfortable than jeans, of course, but be sure to wear something that covers your backside (they’re not truly pants). I’ve been wearing a pair from Preggo Leggings for everything from casual outfits to working out.

3. Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action
Stretch marks are hereditary, but a girl can still try to prevent the severity if they’re going to show up. Plus, pampering yourself during pregnancy is a real treat! I love the whole Mustela line and plan to use the post-pregnancy line as well.

4. Blanqi Support Tank
The Blanqi Support Tanks are my saving grace; I have one in black and in white. I always reach for them over any other maternity tank I own, because frankly, they make me look and feel good. They’re made out of one seamless piece of fabric, and the support ribbing is pretty high-tech. It gently helps support your back and bump as you grow.

5. BumpNest Pregnancy Pillow
The BumpNest Pregnancy Pillow comes in gorgeous cover prints and is fully washable, so I found it to be the best option out there among the pregnancy pillows. The wraparound shape makes it multifunctional for me as well, giving me both bump and back support. Although he probably won’t publicly admit it, my husband also wants to steal it from me sometimes.

Make sure to stop over and visit Irina at Bond Girl Glam for expert tips on fashion, beauty, home decor, and lifestyle.

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