Baby Mushroom – Tried, Tested, & Mommy Approved

baby mushroom2

For my first baby I did a lot of research on toys and baby products so that I could get the safest, newest and best products out there. For baby girl number two, I have been using all of those same products so I’m not as in tune with all of the hot new items. That is until I attended Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower Ever in New York City a few months back. When I walked in I was like a kid in a candy shop. I didn’t know where to start, there were so many gadgets and gizmos it made my head spin. I couldn’t believe that in just 2 1/2 short years so much had changed!

One of my favorite items was the Baby Mushroom Snug Square Play Mat. Liat, mom of 3 and Founder of Baby Mushroom, was kind enough to send me one to test out. As an urban mom raising a baby in a New York City apartment, Liat was always trying to create a play space that was safe, sizable and comfortable. After trying everything from colorful kid tiles, to activity pads and blankets she found that nothing fit her style, budget, or space, so she created something herself! Her goal is to help all urban mamas create a space that everyone in your family – from newborn to adult – can enjoy together and to make life a little simpler (and stylish) in your apartment, house, or wherever you travel.

baby mushroom

I had to see what this mat was all about. I opened the mat to find that it fit perfectly on the floor in front of our couch. It’s big enough for me, my husband, and both girls to lie on, yet small enough to not take up too much space. It’s super cushy and my whole family enjoys hanging on it while we play. My big girl loves rolling around on it or reading a book on it. My baby smiles and coos while playing with toys or practicing tummy time and my husband and I love cuddling with the girls on it. The best part, when we are done I can just roll it up and store it away. Sometimes the thing I dislike most about living in a small space is that my entire house gets taken over by toys and mats. It’s nice every once in a while to get “my space” back and this lightweight, portable play mat allows me to do just that. I plan on taking this mat with me when I travel too so that I can create a safe play space wherever I go! The cover is easy to remove and machine washable so when my baby girl spits up (which happens a lot!) all I have to do is take it off and throw it in the wash. I also recommend the Snug Square Waterproof Liner that is sold separately. It protects the foam mat from spills and soils. I know this is one product I am going to get a lot of use out of. From playing, tumbling, crawling, rolling and relaxing this is my family’s new favorite space! You can buy the snug square and waterproof liner directly from AMAZON.

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