Are We Over Medicating? Try Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Baby

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I’ve always been a believer in trying other remedies beside traditional medicines and antibiotics when it comes to certain ailments. My oldest daughter hasn’t had to take any antibiotics to date (knock on wood) and I contribute that to breastfeeding, however my husband says it is because I go to a hippy doctor who doesn’t believe in giving antibiotics, either way I’m very thankful for this. I know that in some instances antibiotics are necessary, but sometimes I feel that we over medicate! If I’m suffering from a cold, headache or upset stomach or my daughter has diaper rash I am open to trying other things. I have tried creams for eliminating stress and tension headaches and my mother always told me to use cornstarch to help alleviate diaper rash.

I never knew much about essential oils, except that lavender had a calming effect or that they make my house smell really nice and that is really the extent of it. I received some essential oils from dōTERRA, the starter kit pictured above, which contains lemon, peppermint and lavender oils. Besides the lovely smells I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with them. I had just had my baby and she was very stuffy at night and super gassy. Nothing seemed to help and I was desperate. I was extremely tired from no sleep and I looked at the oils I was sent and saw that there was some educational information included that discussed what oils worked for each ailment. It was so interesting that I wanted to share with my readers how oils can help during pregnancy, birth and once baby arrives.

So what are essential oils? That was my question exactly. Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Essential oils have been used in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. There are several ways to use essential oils (aromatic, topical, and internal), which you can read more about HERE.


Essential Oils During Pregnancy
During pregnancy there are so many restrictions as to what you can use as far as medications. Instead of just suffering, try some safe, natural essential oils to alleviate some of your symptoms. It can’t hurt, and who knows, maybe it will actually help! Below is a list of some essential oils and what it can be used for during pregnancy.

-Ginger – eases nausea, heartburn, muscle pain, improves appetite, fights colds
-Lavender – Eases anxiety and headache; soothes skin irritation, breast tenderness, and muscle aches, induces sleep
-Lemon – Eases congestion, heartburn, nausea, constipation and reflux
-Ylang Ylang – eases depression, reduces blood pressure and preeclampsia

Essential Oils During Birth & Postpartum
Labor and delivery can be stressful. Essential oils can make your experience much more enjoyable (I mean as enjoyable as labor can be!). Try some of the essential oils below during labor.

-Black Pepper – apply 1-3 drops to lower back to help with back labor
-Helichrysum – apply 1-3 drops on lower back during labor to help prevent hemorrhage
-Clary Sage – apply to lower abdomen and massage if experiencing stalled labor

Once your little bundle of joy has arrived and if you are breastfeeding some of these essential oils can help make you and your baby more comfortable.

-Lavender and Olive Oil – apply to cracked nipples after each feeding
-Lavender and/or Wild Orange – diffuse to help calm mother and baby
-Clary Sage – apply 1-2 drops on top of each breast to help start production of milk
-Basil or Fennel – apply 1-2 drops to each breast to increase milk supply (Note: do not use Fennel for more than 10 days at a time)
-Peppermint – Apply 1-2 drops on top of each breast to decrease milk supply (Note: start slowly, for some this is mild and for others it will decrease supply dramatically)

Essential Oils for Baby
Common ailments can be treated with essential oils allowing you to use products that are safe and natural for your child. For babies and children, always dilute oils and start with small amounts. Applying oils to the bottoms of feet is recommended so that the baby doesn’t rub oils into eyes.

-Lemon – can be used for runny nose and congestion
-Peppermint – apply for fever, upset stomach or headache
-Clove or Lavender – lightly dip finger in essential oil, wipe excess oil and touch finger to sensitive area to help reduce toothache and teething pain
-Melaleuca, Basil, and Lavender – apply behind ears and to bottoms of feet to relieve earache
-Fennel and Lavender – apply Fennel to belly button and lavender to bottoms of feet to help with colic

Before using any of the essential oils listed above always consult your physician first. A great resource is You can type in your health concern and see which essential oils help with each ailment. If you are interested in trying essential oils go to dōTERRA to get a free sample and CLICK HERE to purchase products. I love my oils and I feel good using them knowing that they are safe for my family and me!

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